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New Owner couple of questions

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hello just bought an RX300  and have a couple of questions, as I have a dvd writer could I download an updated version of maps for sat nav and if so anyone know of any websites where maps could be found,,also how do I turn the air suspension off as the handbook shows a  switch but mine does not have it fitted just the switch to change ride height just leaving it set to low  or is that the default  for off mines a 2004 model,is there an easy way to look at cam belt as mine has been changed by the garage I bought off but like to see for myself have a good local garage who could check but got a years warrantie and cambelt failure is covered  but even though getting a recipt for work done as an unknown garage has done the change am dubious .On the plus side the car drives superb had Jags before and not a patch on the Lex or Tank as wife has named it . thanks Bob M

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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

According to the link below the switch is located under the steering column.

Regarding the cam belt it is not easy to determine if it has been replaced simply by looking although with a new belt it should be fairly obvious as all of the timing markings and writing on the belt should be clear and not worn off. You would have to remove an upper belt cover to access the top of the belt on the cam pulley.

Cam belts rarely break due to wear it is the other components involved that tend to fail ( idlers, tensioner and water pump) which results in the belt breaking,slipping teeth or riding of the pulleys so you have to assume these parts were either checked and confirmed serviceable or preferably replaced with the belt but this is something you cannot check without a complete strip down of the covers.

If the garage has provided a years warranty I would expect the job has been done to a high standard so wouldn't be unduly concerned.


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I agree with Steve - if the garage is giving a 12-month warranty then that's a good sign. If you have any receipts though, check to see if the water pump, idler and tensioner were changed at the same time. The reason is that most of the cost in doing a cambelt change is the time taken to get to it, which is why the other items are usually changed at the same time. I'd hazard a guess that maybe 90% of the work done to change the cambelt would have to be done again to get to the water pump if it was done at a different time.

As for the satnav, forget it. Buy a TomTom or something instead. I think the most up-to-date map available for the RX is dated around 2011 and a LOT of road changes have happened since then. I also believe that you can't do a full postcode search on these units. The biggest drawback for me though is that being disc-based, you can't add in your own POIs. As an example, our car has been converted to run on LPG so I've got every LPG filling station in the country listed as POIs in my TomTom but there's no way to do that with the native satnav. I do leave the satnav display on, basically as a 'rolling screensaver' but as a satnav it's about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

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