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So....the ignition key for my 2008 RX450h has cracked. it still works ok, but you have to take careful hold of it once inserted in the ignition; it feels like it might snap or something when it's turned.

Otherwise, it works fine.

Question it possible just to have a new plastic case thingy or will Lexus want to sell me a brand new key? And what might that cost from a main dealer, I wonder?

Any advice gratefully received :-)

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Timpsons will cut you a new key, I had one done a few months back.  It's just a Toyota key, the one Timpsons sell has a slightly longer blade but is otherwise identical.

I say identical, it also has the same crap design as the typical Lexus key, which means that it too will eventually break.


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2 hours ago, sorcerer said:

Not sure it's a good idea to wrap a key in epoxy putty when you'll need to replace the battery in it at some point.

Didn't mean for you to mummify the fob, just use enough to hold it together.

It will cut off with either a dremel or small hacksaw.

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