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Is220d delayed turbo response


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I've had my is220d 08 reg jus over a year now and all has been good up until last week.

The turbo used to kick in at just under 2000 rpm and off she went.

However  since last week I have had no turbo response what so ever  until I reach 3500 rpm.

The car is as dead as a dodo now until it reaches 3500 rpm and then it goes like a rocket.

No warning lights on the dash and everything else seems fine.

Any ideas before I give lexus a bell?

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3500?!?!  I am amazed it is even driveable!

I was once told that if the turbo boosting is delayed, then the EGR valve needs looking at.  Although that was for a slight delay.

Perhaps the wastegate on the turbo is stuck partially open?

Any other symptoms?  Rough running?  Smoke out the back?

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Don't think so.  Shame really since it could have helped with the lag problem.

One sure way of knowing if there is a problem with the turbo is plumbing in a boost gauge.  The manual suggests testing peak boost, but I don't see why you couldn't drive around with a passenger reading the gauge to see when and how much the turbo is spooling.  Max pressure should be between 6.9 to 7.7 psi.

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