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Towing Pack - RX400h

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Afternoon all, 

I have just purchased an old caravan, it's very light at 760kg so I'm pretty happy that my 08 RX400h SE-L will be fine towing it (brought it home about 30 miles and it was like it wasn't even there). 

My query is in regards to the 'Towing Pack' that I've read about on the internet. Apparently it has a grille with holes in the Lexus badge for better cooling, a transmission cooler...maybe some other stuff!

My car does have the holes in the badge - do they all in the UK or does my car have this 'Towing Pack' fitted? I'd appreciate any information anyone has about any of this!



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Thanks, that confirms what I'd thought. 


As for towing weights, the handbook weights differ from the V5C - presumably the lower figure on the V5 is the one to use for any calculations? (Mass in service 2115lg as opposed to 2250kg in the handbook).

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If in doubt, there's a sticker on either the driver or passenger door frame (near the lock) that will list stated capacities for exactly your vehicle - should also have tyre pressure info too!

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My -08 RX400h is US import and got factory tow option installed.

Practically this means venting emblem, trans cooler and 4-pin connector in trunk somehow connected to 30A fuse in engine bay.

This factory wiring wasn't helping at all installing of the 13-pin tow bar kit, hardest wires to find were reverse (available only in rear door wire pack) and rear fog light (locally wired to meet import regulations).

Polish tow bar kit installed pretty easily in my garage but cutting plastic shields around bumper was little tricky.

This kit has so sturdy hardware I don't have anything doubt it's rated 2000 kg capacity.

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