1996 LS400 MK3 - Dynamic Handling Package

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For sale is my beautiful Lexus LS 400.


First and foremost let me clearly state that this car is in exceptional condition.  It has been treasured and maintained to the highest possible standards.


The car is finished in Cashmere Pearl over Oyster with the lovely Suffolk cream leather interior.


It has all the refinements a distinguished and modern luxury vehicle of its age should have which includes fully electric front seats with memory function, heated front and rear seating, climate controlled air-conditioning, cruise control, an electric glass sunroof, original radio and cassette player with a 6-CD auto-changer in the glovebox, an excellent audio system and so much more.


The LS 400 is a modern age engineering masterpiece of which many fellow club members are too well aware of.  As time passes us by and as we all get that little bit older, so do the numbers of these extraordinary cars.  I have noticed fewer and fewer LS 400’s both on the road and for sale in recent years and especially those that are a touch above average.


My car is probably one of the finest of its age in Britain.  It’s a bold statement to make but I will do my best to justify it through words and a few photographs.


The car was supplied to a Mr. Jones on the 12th of August 1996 from the Lexus dealership in Bolton.  It was adorned with his cherished number plate from new until earlier this year.  The car was specially ordered with the very rare Dynamic Handling Package which consists of larger 17” alloy wheels with firmer and more controlled suspension. 


For the next twenty years, Mr. Jones remained the custodian of this special vehicle until his passing in the summer of 2016.  I was more than fortunate to purchase this car and it is a testament to the character that he was. 


The car has now covered 69,611 miles.


The bodywork is 99.9% flawless.  The paintwork is like glass and the texture of the body is smooth throughout.  There is zero rust or corrosion on both the body externally and inside all the doors and shell.  The alloy wheels are un-marked and blemish free.  The interior has not aged at all.  The leather is both supple and firm and from the steering wheel to the carpets, it is immaculate.  The smell inside, even after twenty years still retains that unique Lexus air.


The car has had 21 Lexus main dealer services.  I possess every single and original receipt from new.  There is over £10,000 worth of maintenance records.  Every single Mot certificate and Tax disc is present and in order.  All the manuals, associated literature and even the original sales brochure are accounted for.  All original keys have been retained and both remotes for the locking system function perfectly.  Every electrical component in the car works effortlessly including the steering wheel and the aerial for the radio.  The tool kit has never been used and the notorious torch has never left the packaging. 


All four tyres were replaced four years ago (at 64,000 miles) with Dunlop SP Sport 01’s.  Lexus Bolton serviced the car and carried out the Mot in August where it passed without an advisory.  They did replace all the brake pads and front discs and fitted a new Battery.  Two timing belt changes have also been carried out with the current belt having covered less than 10,000 miles.


The car drives and performs perfectly.


I have owned some lovely cars over the years yet I can never truly walk away from an LS.  I have a small collection of cars and own an RX for every day usage and an old Avensis estate to leverage the mileage.  I also have a rare GS300 Sport sitting in the garage.  I sold my last LS 400 to help make sense of owning the RX but my mind was soon made up.  I will always have one. 


At the same time as I bought this car I also purchased a 1993 Mk2 LS 400 which is going to be my project car for the time being.  A number of my previous cars have ended up in the hands of club members.  I always strive to own cars that are different and above all to be of an excellent standard.  This LS is quite simply the best I have had.


The Lexus campaign during the nineties was ‘The Pursuit of Perfection’ and nothing could be closer to the truth than an LS 400.  The car literally captivates you.  I have frequented my local Lexus garage a number of times and recently I have started to feel a little lost.  I actually want to like the cars they manufacture now and even try telling myself that but unfortunately I walk in and after a while I just walk out.  I leave feeling like there is a massive void and I am sorry to say this but in my opinion Lexus today is not what it was.


I appreciate this pro-longed advert is turning in to a bit of a novel but this is what and, in my view why the LS 400 is so special.  There will never be a car like it again.


I thank you for viewing my ad and for reading through it.  If you would like to get in touch then please send me a message with your phone number and I will contact you as soon as possible.  The car is being offered to club members first of all and is priced accordingly for the sum of £5,995.  I don’t haggle much myself and I never intend to be rude but this is the only price I will sell the car for.


If you are of some distance away then I want to reassure you that the car is as described.

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What a fantastic looking car, if I had the dry covered room to keep it I wouldn't think twice about it. Good luck with the sale. Mike.

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