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Random I know but has anyone got any cool factory/dealer fitted options on their RX300?

Since the summer I've slowly been gathering a few odds and sods for my bus just to add a bit of character but wondered what to keep an eye out for.  Given I've still got one foot in the Starlet scene my tastes are a bit (too) JDM. I'm guessing Harriers would be a good place to source rarities but from bitter experience the jap auctions are expensive!


Cheers for any guidance,



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Just as a follow up to this, I grabbed a few brochures from Japan to get some answers (the japs really do options in a serious way) and thought I'd share a few pics. 


Probably of little interest but sure:










Most noticeable are the TRD suspension, the Fujitsubo backbox and the funky roof lighting rig.



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