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Hi, i own an is220d, and need some advice.  I wanted to change my alloys and was wondering if a set of alloys and tyres from an is250 or is200 wheels would fit my car? I tried looking for a decent set of is220 wheels but they are proving difficult to find . I currently have a set of 17" alloys which need a lot of TLC so was wanting to change then as I dont have time for a refurb. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

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Yes, wheels from another IS will fit no problem. For example, my own car is currently sporting wheels from the newer Mk3 model.

Actually most Lexus wheels out there ought to fit since the majority of them are at least 16" and share the same 5x114.3 stud pattern and 60.1mm centre bore. Only wheels off a CT200h or current model LS can definitely be ruled out (different stud patterns).


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