Wheels and tyres for IS250

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Afternoon all,

I've got a full set of tyres from my recently-sold 57 plate IS250 available for sale, along with a set of wheels. Details and pictures below. Collection is preferred, the items are at my house in Basingstoke.

The tyres are Michelin Pilot Sport 3, 225/40 R18 for the fronts and 255/40 R18 for the rear, so OEM fitments. There's 6mm of tread across the measurable surface, with marginally more wear on the inner edge of the front tyres and the outer edge of the rears - not more than 0.5mm difference on any tyre. I had them for a year and did about 10,000 road miles on them. I'm looking for £250 for the set.

The wheels are taken from a Nissan 350z, they're the ultra-light Rays alloys that were an optional extra from new. Fitments are perfect for the IS250, stats as follows:

PCD 5x114.3

Centre bore 66.1 (fitted with metal spigot rings to downsize this to Lexus 60.1)

Front: 8Jx18 ET30

Rear: 8.5Jx18 ET33

In terms of condition, one front and one rear have minor paintwork damage to the outer rim, the second front has extensive but repairable kerb damage to the outer rim, and the second rear has significant damage to the outer rim and spokes that may or may not be repairable. I think the previous owner used these wheels on a drift car, but at some point he's got it wrong and hit a kerb, hard. He then bought some rattle cans and sprayed over all of the rims before selling them to me, and the poor quality of that paint job has resulted in the paint flaking off in several places without provocation. Three of these rims will be perfect after a standard refurb, but the fourth will need significant machining and welding (or more likely replacement). In the picture, the top row shows the rears and the bottom row shows the fronts.

Despite the damage, these wheels are fully airtight and not cracked or buckled, and they balance perfectly using standard weights. I used them on my IS for well over a year with no issues (other than snide comments from friends about my wheels looking crap :)) They would be perfectly suited to a track car, but will need a refurb for road use. £250 will get you the full set, or if you want them with the tyres fitted I'll take £450 combined.

Any questions, let me know :)









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