Michael McD

Wanted parcel shelf for RX450H 2010

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Parcel shelf needed will swap 4 winter tyres ( little used) and genuine Lexus dog screen with fittings

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    • By Lexus addict
      Bridgestone  Blizzak LM80 were fitted to my RX450h which got px for new NX300h Sport.
      2 have around 6mm tread and 2 have around 5mm tread, see pics.
      Any inspection welcome, they have no repairs or damage.
      Fantastic in snow got me up a cobbled 1in5 hill last winter that a 13plate Range Rover was stuck on !
      £250.00 will del within 50 mile radius of Bradford West Yorkshire. Next day courier also available 
      email andy.gillett1964@gmail.com or post message through here

    • By fredsmith
      May I trouble one of the experts for some advice please?

      Exactly 4 years I bought a set of 5 winter tyres for my IS 250. The car was new, and in error, I didn’t realise that the spare in the boot wasn’t a standard wheel/tyre as I’d had on previous cars.

      So anyway, I’ve had this unused spare for 4 years, and as I now need a new set of winter tyres I’m wondering if I can use the spare and just buy 3 to make up the numbers.

      I have read that tyres deteriorate with age, but should a 4 year old still be OK? It’s been sitting undisturbed in an indoor cellar for 4 years, kept cool and dry and in the dark for all that time. It’s a high quality Dunlop. Can’t recall the exact product but it was at the higher end of the range.

      Any thoughts?

      Thank you in advance.

    • By BosniaLexus
      Sorry for asking two questions,
      On tyres, my is250 sport (06) has different width wheels and tires at front and back, 225 at front, 255 at back, otherwise 18 inch with profile 40.
      Can I ask has anyone got the Dunlop sports max tt summers tyre, and what they think of it?
      Can anyone please recommend an all season replacement for all 4 and where I could get them?
      Separately, given how awkward these wheels and tyres are, can an is250 sport be fitted with 17 inch wheels, which I am sure provide better comfort than the stuff sport set up, in other words is it possible to downgrade from 18s to 17s, even though they are different widths. Lexus LpL quoted nearly a grand for 4 new dunlops (the name of the maker, Dunlop, is as much detail as they were able to provide).
      Thanks in advance for any tips,