Airbag Electrical Issues

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Hi, friends,

I know this is a bit cheeky but I have an issue on my sons baby Lexus. It is in fact a Toyota Yaris and I have posted the below question on the Toyota Owners Club Forum, but there was no reply so wondered if you guys could help.



Hi, my son wants to change the steering wheel on his Yaris Mk1 as it's all manky. He has taken the opputunity to upgrade to a T-Sport model one that has come from a 51 plate and his is a '99 GLS.

The problem is the airbag electric fitting is different.  The only option I can see is to change the whole 4 nut unit that you can see in the picture. I'm not going touch anything without hearing some advice first. I can't see any other options, can you? 

The one on the right is the old GLS one and the other is the T-Sport one.

Any help please.





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I would not advise changing the bombs over as they are designed to work specifically with the airbag for each steering wheel centre.

It looks to be a similar single stage system so it may be okay to just swap the connections over if they will fit or change the connectors to allow them to fit but I would suggest contacting an airbag specialist/auto electrician in your area as a first step. 

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Thanks Neil, that's the info I was looking for. Although they look the same in the body shape I was concerned about them being attached to different wheel centres and possible airbag shapes.

The connections on the bomb are the same but I can't get the plug off the old one as it's attached using a barb type system where the tabs push into the hole then pop out in to the fitting. It's a tight fit and there are 3 of them. Clearly designed not to be messed with. 

I'll take your advise and seek some professional input.



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