Is220D weird noises from drive belt area (ac compressor bearing) -BYPASS AIR CON

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Hi for last few months i had weird noises coming from drive belt area, specially on idle.

Was trying to find someone with same fault, but couldn't so I maybe save someone trouble here ūüôā

So I made small fault finding and found out that bearing on air con compressor has gone, start making noises and slowly start locking (can smell slipping belt).

As I don't have time now to play with air con I measure belt and bypass.


Belt what's you need to do it is 7PK1378 (tested only on 220D 2AD-FHV)


when I found time and parts to fix ac I will make some step by step how to do it, maybe even on a car ūüėČ

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I bought the belt and it does fit - thanks!

I then proceeded to take the damn air con compressor "clutch" off - this is a pig as there isn't any info available.

I believe the compressor to be a Denso 6seu16c but with a strange clucth mech.  Unlike older units the bit at the end which looks like a bolt is not a bolt and the pulley is fragile plastic!  Anyway, put the original bet back on then jamn the pulley with a bit of wood, insert some 90 degree pliers into the hole and then you can spin off the cover plate in an anti-clockwise direction.  This leaves the clutch and pulley etc in place still and so I believe you then need to get some strong thread locking compound and then put the plate back on, let the compound set and then redo the above, this time taking the clutch with you.  Unfortunately I didn't know this and so I hacked mine as you can see!  The pulley pulls of easily after that and the rubber "cushions" too.  Mine looked in good shape and so I was a bit bemused as to why the metal on metal noise was happening.  On the compressor there was a bit of movement, but not much so the tolerance must be tiny.

I think the new parts needed are:




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Update: couldn't remove pulley in situ or even when I took the compressor off the car! Bought a new compressor in the end after cutting my hands twice!  Ridiculous - all because of worn rubber bits that can't be replaced.


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      Anyway, looking for suggestions from fellow IS250 owners. from what I've read, I'm probably going to need a compressor, a system flush, and a condenser/drier/evaporatior?
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      Radio LCD back light IL901 + IL902 = micro lamp 2x (8V / 0,1A / 0,8W) - soldered - bulb head is about 4mm x 9mm - clear with green rubber cap
      that would be the same micro bulb as in a
      GS430 - 2000 - Radio LCD back light IL951 + IL952 = micro lamp (8V 100mA)
      Radio "key board" back light for the buttons = micro lamp 14x (8V / 0,06A / 0,5W) - soldered - bulb head is about 3mm x 5mm - clear with green rubber cap

      The 2 bulbs for the Radio LCD back light I've already soldered out.
      I did not know until now that the on/off button has its own micro bulb - must be getting real hot in there because in both units I have that same micro bulb is shot.

      AC / Heater control LCD
      55900B BULB, AIR CONDITIONER CONTROL....LCD back light!
      OEM number: 84999-60450 (12V /  1.2W /    0,1A / 1/4 socket / 5mmx10mm- 3x - LCD screen - back light
      OEM number: 84999-60460 (14V / 1.82W / 0,13A / 1/4 socket / 4mmx09mm- 5x - AC control buttons - back light
      AC/Heater - key board - control lights for the buttons - clear LED lamps - green and orange - Luminous Intensity 30mcd-40mcd
      Button/switch - LEDs: 5x green  - 3mm - 1.8V??? - soldered - I used 2,2V / 0,02A / 40mcd
                                        2x orange - 3mm - 1,8V??? - soldered - I used 2,1V / 0,02A / 29mcd
      Not micro bulb! LED lamps!!!

      Bottom line - heat and age is the CULPRIT.
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      Hello All,
      My car just developed interesting fault. Surely expensive to fix, but interesting in a way to investigate and nail the real cause.
      So to start with  - few days ago (like Tuesday this week) my A/C started making some noise ... like squeakyish/grinding noise, but it was intermittent (happened like 2-3 times altogether). I had a service coming up 2 days later so didn't really bothered to investigate, nor had an opportunity. Thought, "if there was something obvious Lexus service will pick it up" and if not I will take a look over weekend.
      So Lexus Woodford did service an MOT, got all green except one amber. They said my drilled rotors are far too lavish, hence they put amber to accompany them (to clarify it is amber for "non-genuine front rotors and pads", they are Mintex drilled discs with brembo OE-equivalent low dust pads - will post new thread in Modifications forum). The rest are all green including "Aircon / heating / ventilation" as below:

      On my way home from the dealer, I have realised my windows are starting to steam-up and the air from A/C is getting hot... clicked on "Windows Defogging" and the realised that A/C light is flashing > stopped by traffic lights and clicked "Off" and "Windows Defogging" again to restart A/C. This resulted in the weirdest thing ever in any car I have owned > the engine RPM started jumping and when I have clicked on "Off" again the engine cut-off as well (see video below). You can notice A/C light is solid while RPM is jumping.
      From under the bonnet it looks like compressor clutch tries to engage unsuccessfully or that compressor is actually completely stuck. Actually, I can see little sparks coming out of the pulley (see video below - sorry it is bit dirty ... Lexus panels does great job keeping all that dirt and rust inside). It only happens on idle, if I am cruising at speed then A/C light starts flashing straight away.

      Now based on the fault description I have found that this fault can be caused by faulty compressor clutch coil. I do believe this is not the case, because faulty coil would result in flashing A/C light and as well would fail to engage compressor, but in my case it seems it is trying to engage compressor and after multiple failures gives up and starts flashing. If I drive at speed trying to turn A/C results in flashing A/C light straight away - no impact to RPM etc.
      So my second guess would be that compressor itself is mechanically faulty/stuck and engaging clutch causes stress to the belt and RPM starts dropping. This would be sad news.. as replacing compressor would cost 10x more than just replacing coil.
      Any other thoughts? As well wouldn't you expect Lexus dealer to pick up such faults? I am not joking .. it happened 3,5 miles away from dealer after ‚ÄúAll Green verdict‚ÄĚ...
      Any help or opinion would be greatly appreciated, thanks