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    • By Dibble2601
      Hi my 2004 RX300 RHD has recently becoming worse at demisting, with mist building up quickly, and slow to clear. When it does it clears everywhere except drivers windscreen and passenger window. Ive lost the relevant part of the manual, tried buttons in all combinations, and Im not sure if my recirculation button is working as the light has stopped but the beep sound still works when switched on. Any help or advice gratefully received , thanks! Pete
    • By PCM
      Just a shout for Japex in Kings Langley, Herts.
      Was there this morning with my lovely RX.
      GREAT service as always.
    • By Poki_gs
      Hi All,
      I'm looking to lower my '99 GS300. Was wondering is anybody here running Eibach ProKit or H&R?
      They seem like a good option for sensible price. Also Vogtland is on the table.
      Anyone has an experience with any of the above?
    • By LSE
      I just recently bought a 2001 LS430 and It’s got an issue with the front suspension dropping usually over the course of 3-4 hours. The front end of the car is nearly on the floor when I go to it after leaving it overnight. 
      When I got the car I had an issue where the rear of the car would be stuck in the high setting so I done a Battery reset which sorted the rear suspension but the fromt still keeps dropping. Although when I press the high button the car will raise and get stuck in the high position again so will have to do another Battery reset to fix
      Also something else I’ve noticed that when pumping the suspension up when it’s low, it takes about 5-10 minutes and the pump will kick on and off even though the front suspension is low. Is this normal?
      also any ideas on the suspension dropping? I have checked the shock absorbers and can’t see any moisture anywhere or any obvious leaks  is there anything else I could check? 
      Appreciate any help because I haven’t had the car long and hope to get it sorted. I like the car but the suspension is sending me mad 
    • By Matt96
      I have owned my is250 2011 for 1 year now. Full main dealer history. 58000 miles. Main service has been done. Over the last few months when braking and steering at a low speed there are a couple of clunks that sound like they are coming from the front drivers side wheel. I look it to lexus Hatfield and under warranty they replaced the shock absorber and top mount. The car seemed to be ok for a while but not long ago the clunk noise has appeared again. It also only happens when the engine has warmed up. Some people have suggested the pads are moving but the pads and discs are reasonably new so shouldn't be moving yet. Any ideas