Been looking for a few weeks now, I have been trying to get a cheap LS460 but it had to have the right spec and colour combo, they were either the right spec and wrong colour, right colour and wrong spec, or mostly far too much money... then I saw one on an open auction on eBay and this picture looked promising... A poor picture but there is definitely a button on the steering wheel where the SE-L has the laser cruise and Lane assist, but this just looks like one button, it also has the rare heated steering wheel which I would really miss having come from a Range Rover.... Then this pic nearly sent me over the edge... Crappy picture but there is certainly NO sunroof, I hate sunroofs, never used them and being 6'5" all they do is rob headroom...  So off I trotted to see it several days ago and it just got better and better, the steering wheel button was indeed laser cruise but no Lane assist, I love laser cruise and drive everywhere on it, really great on busy motorways... lane assist, not so much, it's too touchy... also, as seen, no sunroof, also no rear drop down screen and no all singing and dancing massage seats, just heated rear seats and a rear blind, the kids left home some time ago so all that stuff is just more to go wrong... It has the Mark Levinson system, auto lights/wipers, soft close doors, navigation,smart entry and start, electric boot etc etc.. but isn't an SE or SE-L. The clue was in the registration number, it turns out it had come from Southern Ireland, it had been imported into Northern Ireland in 2014 and has had three MOT's here, it was done properly and a MPH speedo was fitted. It has been registered to a leasing company since import. It is showing 112,000 miles but came with no history, it was being sold as a trade sale by a dealer who took it and another similar one in part ex from the leasing company. I took it for a drive and it drives fine apart from a floppy front end, I imagine a few wishbones have seen better days and possibly a wheel bearing is on it's way out as well, everything seems to work OK, it has no warning lights on or fault codes. It is in one of my favorite colours, Smokey Granite Mica (1G0) with Ivory (LA01) leather, the outside needs some paintwork, nothing terrible, just a few small areas including a rusty rear arch where it has been scratched... The dealer has just had the wheels stripped and powdercoated in smoke chrome, it needs three tyres. The leather is in overall good condition just a few small blemishes to sort. Needs some nicer mats.... I decided what it was worth to me and set up a snipe bid in the last 5 seconds and won it for £5,600 a few hundred less than my top bid. It has obviously been serviced, the engine oil is newish, and apart from the issues at the front it runs like a swiss watch, I will endeavour to locate the history for it... What it's worth is debatable as there is no direct UK spec but similar mileage and age 460's in base spec are going for £8K to £10K and some up to £12k but that's a bit optimistic..  The next couple of weeks will see it sorted from bumper to bumper along with a 120,000mile full service, it will visit the paint shop and get a set of 4 new tyres and then be a fully sorted 460... Buying without a history obviously affects the price but I doubt for one minute that a leasing company didn't have the thing serviced, it's not good business to have your stock breaking down... I'll post the whole process, warts and all..... We have just got back from picking it up, the guy even gave me back £50 for the petrol to get home, a nice touch, it cruised the 140 miles with the cruise set at 65 to look after the front end. Tomorrow it will get a good clean and the bodywork and interior will be appraised. Monday it will be on a ramp and have the mechanics assessed, the MOT runs out in 6 weeks so all items will be checked... All in all I'm a very happy bunny, it's lovely to get back into a Lexus, my last one I had to sell for medical reasons.... This is one of the many things I love about Lexus... The gearstick, cupholders and radio volume knob have been swapped over from the LHD setup that every other manufacturer, irrespective of price, dumps on RHD cars.... Class... Thanks    
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