help required is 220d se

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Hi guys, i have had my car since 2011and have not had any problems at all until last week, i entered an address in the sat nav and fount the voice wasn't working,also the voice recognition isn't

working. I have gone through all the usual checks and can't find anything wrong. Has anyone else had a similar problem.

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    • By BlackLexus1
      Hoping to get some advise on upgrading my IS 250 Sat Nav. It’s a 2010 vehicle so I need to upgrade the disc. I’ve googled but have found a lot of waste of time sites.
    • By Zoot1948
      Looking to see if the speed camera database can be updated without the need to purchase the full map update.
      Any advice would be appreciated.
    • By Nickyt211
      Hi everyone I've recently brought a lovely 2004 rx300 se-l. It's currently running its original 2004 sat nav disc, but I wanted to look into updating it. I've checked on Lexus maps Eu and I think mine is generation 1 the disc they sell is updated to 2011 they want €125 for it. ( I believe it can only be updated this far)
      My question is can I just buy a used disc off eBay? Is there a specific one I need If mine is gen 1? This is a photo of my current disc and the Lexus Eu update.
      My disc says 86271-24123
      And this.        86271- 70v313
      P.s I have a tom tom for use if I need to go anywhere major or on holiday, but I want to update cause it's nice to have it when I'm driving. If it won't cost the earth.
      any advice appreciated 

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      Hello, can someone help advise where or how I can update the maps on this please? Thank you for any help in advance 
    • By MikeIvanov
      Hi everyone! I have an issue with the sat nav! When i start the car i get a white screen with message saying "please wait while the system updates!" There is no DVD in the DVD-ROM on the back where the control unit is. I have then lexus navigation cds but when i try to insert any of the three i have with the car doesnt work! It takes the cd in then it brings it back out? Any thoughts how could i cancel this update or reset the navigation to its factory settings??  Im uploading a picture of the screen i get!