LS400 leaking boot seal

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Just wanted to share some of my experience on leaking boot gasket on LS400.


I have had that problem and probably some of you had/have it as well as it is a quite common problem on them.

I was considering to buy a new gasket for the boot but the price is steep.

I have spent £20 for a transparent silicone(not glue one) and some silicone tubing with the external dia of 6mm.

I took the gasket off the car boot.

I cut small hole in the boot gasket to feed the tubing through.

Tubing supports aged and squashed original gasket.

The silicone went inside the the gasket.

One hour job and so far no leaks.

Now I can hunt for a bargain price original gasket without rush and leaking boot.




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When i had my Ls and the boot leaked i sourced a seal from these guys...


very helpful guys. Would have been a thread on it years ago . If you cant match a seal from the pictures they will match it from a sample you send.

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