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Not posted here for a while but have been lurking

my 2005 is200 se as come back with an advisory looks like one of the rear shock has started leaking I guess after 80k and 12 years its to be expected that these things will start to go.  

Due to be a decent guy my mechanic has obviously suggested replacing both rears at the same time but this has got me thinking if the rears are on the way out the fronts cant be far behind and so I may as well get them all done.

Being a bit newbie at this ive asked him about recommended brands, hks has been thrown about as has blisten. HKS are impossible to find and blisten only do basic shocks and they still need springs on top which by the time youve finished all 4 its over 600 notes. While I trust him without doubt I feel thats heading towards coilover money and while im against spending thousands im wondering if for the sake of an extra 100 quid is it worth looking at something that is both adjustable and drop-able.

Its becoming mroe expensive as I look into this but I just dont see the point in spending 150 quid a corner on stock shocks when I could get something presumably miles better for about 25 quid a corner more.

Last question I guess where do I spend my money if I'm going to do it?

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Have a look at HSD DualTech & BC Racing, which are both around the same price and are used a lot in the IS200 community with mostly good reviews.

For shocks, you could go for Koni Yellow Sport which are very good, I have a friend that runs them, but they are almost the price of coilovers, but// Sometimes you can get a deal with those and H&R springs that amounts to the same price as coilovers.

it depends on what your needs are, but coilovers do offer the better value and flexibility.

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