Problem fitting bluetooth adapter to GS450h 2007

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Hi - newie here, recently purchased a lovely GS450h. Trying to fit a Bluetooth adapter kit and having a problem. Looked on forum, but couldn't find solution.

I purchased this unit to play Bluetooth. Although I am not bothered by CD changer (don't have CDs) or SatNav (I use google maps) I also got a Y splitter as well,

I looked at all the install videos, seemed straightforward, I took the unit out, plugged in the adapter and ... nothing. No power to Bluetooth, Sat Nav stopped working, as did most of the audio functions. Using splitter or plugging straight in gave same results

It seemed odd to me that the 6+6 adapter in my unit only had 2 wires, all the install videos I saw had more. Am I missing something?

any help gratefully appreciated

Before adding adapter, 2 wires only into the 6+6 plug (and after connecting splitter)



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