My headlamp lenses weren't really poor but they had a definite tint....especially on the upper part of the lens. Never had an advisory or even a mention at MOT .....but they were just letting the car down a bit and now she's 10 years+ a mixture of UV, lamp heat, etc. etc. Had taken its toll. Plenty of products on the market..... I decided to go for it with the 3M testoration kit that can be attached to a drill for extra speed, the kits available from loads of sources and usually aroundthe £20 mark. I could not see any feedback for this one on the forum search so thought I'd just share the results.......I'm pleased with outcome. Theyre not mind blowing as I previously said my lenses were a little way milky or bad enough for MOT anxiety. The kit has pretty clear instructions and there a number of YouTube videos for guidance / reassurance. There is some 3m inch tape ( green) in the pack to protect your paint work..... but I was a bit paranoid and also used two inch 3m tape (blue) for extra protection. i used an electric drill on the lowest speed setting......found I had more control that way. It gets a bit scary with the first P500 pad making the lens go white...... I won't deny started to wonder how much a second hand pair of headlamps were going to cost me! LOL.. IT IS VERY EASY TO MELT A BIT OF THE HEADLAMP SURFACE SO GO EASY ON THIS STAGE....... take the pad off the drill and use by hand If you need to detail any particular bits.......I would recommend this action at any of the stages. Second is a P800 which starts to bring back some lens clarity.. Thirdly the P3000 trizact disc used with water....... really start to see a difference then. Fourthly rubbing compound (supplied in pack) on a foam disc to polish up.......rub down with soapy water, buff up and bingo..... transformed. You rub the compound (smear) it on the lens first and then polish it off. I did got to high speed on the drill for these last few passes but in reality all I did was get a splatter pattern over me, the paintwork and the garage wall. So no real benefit of speed......just my impatience. i have also bought a lens wax / polish off amazon to give back some protection...... not sure that it will be any better than normal wax etc. All in probably around three hours. Apologies for slightly different lighting on the photos but today has been a real mixture of sunshine and showers.               Ive replaced all the bulbs on the front of the car (2006 basic model.. halogen) cost about £70ish + £20 for lens restoration kit. I've replaced side/parking lights with LED...... headlamp bulbs are standard just a lot whiter than originals. Final picture does not do the rebulb justice and the clarity of the lens is significantly better and much brighter.