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Hi all

I'm looking to purchase a lexus gs 2005 onwards. I have read a few reports about very heavy oil consumption (1l per 1000km). Some sources say this is normal others have required pistion ring replacement, although this seems to be in the USA and Australia. 

I have had few 3.0 Lexus before and have never needed to top up the oil between services. Also I understand that the engine uses a chain rather than a belt, are these maintenance free?

Am I over thinking or would I be better off searching for a 430?   I can't go for a 450h as boot is far too small.

Thanks in advance

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I've had 2 mk3 2005 gs300 and neither of them had any issues with oil consumption. They were great cars, and yes they were chain driven and again no issues at all and even if you wanted to replace the chain, you could buy it from the US chain and kit for around  £195, better than paying for it through lexus dealers who charge a bomb for the same kit 

But Gs430 is also a good car, a very good engine, obviously may drink slightly more and has a cambelt but that's about it.

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