can a GS300 be towed?

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Hello all, not been on here for ages! I guess that's the point of a reliable Lexus.

Question is, I have the opportunity to buy a 2007 Gs300 (exactly the same as mine) only this has done 17800 miles! Trouble is....flat car Battery and fob wont detect (I suspect a flat fob Battery too). I will take down a new Battery and a new set of fob Battery's when I buy the car, but if unsuccessful I may tow her home from Surrey to North Wales. Can the GS300 be towed or do I need to re think this and just call recovery?

Another question....can the car be started manually without the working fob, ie the old fashioned way? Guessing not if the fob deactivates the immobiliser etc etc

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another question

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Not an expert on the GS300, but if it's auto almost certainly it cannot be towed. If the car has the keyless entry system you can use the mechanical key to get into the car. You can then hold the fob close to the start button, and provided the 12 volt Battery is ok or has a jump Battery attached the car should start.


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You should be able to tow the vehicle provided the drive wheels are elevated and don't turn.

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Automatics can be towed but only at low speed and for a short distance of a few miles but best avoided altogether if possible.

You could remove the prop shaft but better with either a suspended tow with the rear wheels off the ground and the steering locked off straight i.e. towed backwards or preferably a flat bed.

Hopefully you get it started.

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