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Wanted - GS450H SE-L 2008-2009

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Hi Guys,


I am looking for a very low mileage Lexus GS450H (preferably SE-L but not essential), FLSH, circa 2008-2009. A private sale is not a problem. However, It must tick all the boxes in terms of authenticity and be the subject of a full RAC check if there is a willing seller out there. I am quite willing to pay for an immaculate, mint condition car but there is no compromise in terms of being able to track the car from its first registration to todays date. A one owner car is also a preference. Maybe you guys either know someone or can point a potential seller in my direction. I really don't want to waste anyones time so unless they can show all of the above Im not really interested. I hope this thread finds the right person. 




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