Lexus IS Maintenance and Repair

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Hey guys ,I am new to the group. I have just purchased this 03 lexus IS 300. I love the car but there is a thumping sound in the rear when i shift.It has 40,0000 miles and still under warranty. I brought it to the dealer they say they checked it out and all is ok,But adjusted the clutch.And that they don't get to many Is 300 with the stick shift?Ok. well i am bringing it back to dealer tomoorrow.Because the way the adjusted the clutch has got to be wrong. It picks up at the top now and feels wrong. now.I am gonna tell them to put it back the way it was. Anyway does anyone here have this thumping problem so I can tell the dealer what it is and how to fix it .Ha HA Any help appreciated Razer70............

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Is the car RHD? I was under the impression the IS300 was only sold with AT in this country.

As for the clunk/thump sound when changing gear, Is it more noticeable with 1st-2nd and 2nd-3rd shifts? If so I reckon you've probably got nothing to worry about if all the bushings, ARB links etc appear fine.

It's a pretty common fault on a manual 1st-gen IS to have that driveline clunk. Quite annoying really as the rest of the car is so smooth and quiet.

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