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Returned from Cornwall on Friday night.  What a pain that was coming back.  A junction on the M5 was cloesd so a detour there, then junction 5 an 6 closed on the M42 so another detour and then junction 29 closed on the M1.  Along with road works on the A30 it took 10 hours.  I dd though a tank average of 31.8 miles over the whole holiday which i think is great.  The Avantime is no better and my old Espace was about 36.  

Anyway, so I need a cycle rack, any suggestions?  I see a roof rack is out of the question, as I cant find one.  I would use a tow bar but they too seem thin on the ground.  If I can sort this then the Lexus is for me truly a great family car.  Despite the above journey back being 10 hours the car was comfortable to the extreme and effortless. Superb.

Thanks in advance


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