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keyless entry fob replacement

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I am hoping someone out there can help, I have a keyless entry Lexus IS300h and we have lost the spare key !! I have contacted the dealer and they have quoted nearly £400 for a replacement .... ouch.

Can anyone recommend someone who can replace the keylees entry fob for less than this ? We still have one working key, I have looked around on the net but would rather use someone recommended, we are based in Sussex. 

Many Thanks in advance. 


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First question is, do you have key replacement cover as part of any house or breakdown cover?

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    • By lightworks
      Hi all, I think this is my first post, I haven't use the forum in a while so I'll reintroduce myself if I haven't already done so. I'm Dill, 21 years old from Leicester. Have been driving a IS200 sport for around 4 months now that was acquired off my father who no longer needed it. Have loved driving it so far, the silky smooth straight six is just ace.
      Just thought I'd post a link for you all, I'm aware that a lot of Lexus IS and users of other models have issues with the key casing cracking and breaking due to the poor design of the shell. Since I acquired my lexus I have had the OEM key break on me, which had cracks in it when I acquired the car, and two non branded lexus keys also crack and snap.
      I was surfing on eBay looking for genuine Lexus keys and I came across these OEM Denso keys from Hong Kong and for a couple of quid they look like a steal so I ordered two. What I plan to do is take the innards out of the two aftermarket keys I have at the moment, put them into these Denso keys that I have just ordered, then take them to a local auto locksmith to have the keys cut down to size.
      Anyway heres the link and I hope you find it useful, as soon as the keys arrive I'll be reviewing them and letting you know of my experience.
      Thanks and I look forward to speaking to you all soon!

    • By Andre28
      Just wondering whether anyone could shed some light on this issue.
      I recently lost the only key I had for my 57 plate Lexus IS250 SE. I ordered a replacement and have had a locksmith and automotive engineer try to program this into the car with no success.
      I've spoken to Lexus dealers and head office and they are saying that the only way to get around this issue is to change 2 x ECU's, all locks and buy 2 new keys. The quotes for this work have varied between £3000 and £1470 which seems incredibly strange and even at the lower price seems extortionate for merely losing a key.
      Does anyone know any other more cost effective ways this problem?
      Any help will be much appreciated!
      Thank you