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Rear light failure indicator problem

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So couple days ago, my rear light failure indicator and handbrake light went on. I checked all the bulbs from rear and all of them were working. Yes also brake lights, I checked. And here's the weird part. The rear light failure indicator goes on always when I connect my phone into my car charger and when I take it off, the light goes off as well, but the handbrake light wont. So what could be the problem here, it looks like pretty hard to find. 

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have you also checked you third brake light am assuming you have a IS200 se as well as you brake fluid level

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      Hello, I was wondering if anyone could  help please. I have a LS600HL and the Battery went completely dead. I charged it up this weekend and the charger says it is fully charged. Upon reconnecting the horn alarm went off, but I managed to stop it. I got into the car with manual key entry. The dashboard was going crazy. The interior lights are coming on and off. There were a few minutes of very weird activity. 
      The situation now is: the Battery in the boot is clicking on and off. I can't start the car. The horn is not sounding, but there is a groan/ creaking coming from under the bonnet, at a similar internal to the horn alarm. 
      The main issue seems to be the Battery not providing stable power, but clicking on and off every second. I've disconnected and all is now quiet. 
      Does any one have any ideas please?
      Thanks, Rob 
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      Hello everyone, I'm new here, sadly my first post is about an issue I'm having witih my beloved 2004 SC430. I'll detail the problem below as the techs at my local dealer can't seem to suggest anything but gearbox replacement, I'm hoping to find a cheaper solution for my troubles.
      So it started happening a few months ago. When shifting from 4th to 5th gear the car jerks, the higher the rpm the harder it jerks, it kind of lunges forward for a moment. This stuff becomes quite violent at high speed. It also sometimes does it from 3rd to 4th. It only happens after the car is warmed up, never when cold. At first I changed the gearbox oil and filter, and indeed shifts are smoother but the problem hasn't gone away. Has anyone had similar problems that could me some advice on what was wrong? My car has only 90k kms, it's been in the family since it was new, nothing ever happened to it, and was always well maintained.
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      My wife has just collected a brand new CT200h Advance, which comes with Lexus Navigation (but not premium). 
      On its second journey, having played about with the navigation settings, suddenly the system stopped working. If you click either "MAP" or go to "Setup->Navigation", nothing happens. 
      Has this happened to anyone else?
    • By Big_P
      Hello! new to the forum and to Lexus so hoping some of you wiser owners might have some insight into this issue.
      Basically a few weeks ago my 2006 Lexus IS220D was crashed (hit & run) into with some force
      whilst parked up for the night. The driver struck the n/s wheel so hard that it forced the whole car half way up the pavement.
      So far Ive had to replace the wheel, tyre, complete wishbone set up, the steering rack & steering arms. The car now steers and drives again so thats that side of things sorted, however now when I drive the car its like the brakes are coming on and off by themselves, im thinking that it might be the wheel speed sensor inside the wheel hub?
      Would really appreciate any feedback from someone whos experienced something like this.
      Thanks in advance
    • By marre1020
      I'm a new and very happy IS200 (manual) owner, but i have a problem... I can't manage to get the reverse gear to pop in. My knowledge and the information that i've looked up says that i should push it down and then go left. But i can't get in, how do i do it :D?

      Thankful for answers, bless you guys!