OK, which of you hooligans was it?

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Come on, who was it? Anyone here? :biggrin:

I've found myself watching these dashcam compilations like hazard awareness training videos; always something to learn. Like (if you don't know already), keep away from BMWs, Audis, VWs and "sh*tting Peugeots!". Lexus drivers hardly ever appear, Drift Kings excepted... :wink3:.

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LOL this entertained me whilst I was walking the dog. Approx 8:20 for the hooligan Lexus. :smile:

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I am so hooked on those compilations! There are so many in Austrailia! I've always wondered if they are required to have a dash cam or maybe they get a discount on insurance?! 🚗🚙🚲🚚🚑

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Just noticed the link. I'm a bit slow. :withstupid: 

I wish that was me because that would mean I was there in the UK!!! :wub:

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    • By Joern
      Is there anyone here who has remapped or chipped the IS 220D for over a year and would like to share their experience?
      Considering getting a remap to 215hk including EGR delete. How is this engine going to handle it for longer periods of time?
    • By joelfigueira
      Hi all,
      can an anyone recommend a good replacement gear knob for is220d. Got quoted from Lexus £150 quid for a new one. Just wanting to know if anyone has replace there’s and if so what with.
    • By Lexatlast
      Just joined up having had our first Lexus (coming from years of Mercs & interesting Customer service!) for 4 months.
      I want to get a Dash Cam fitted and have been told by our local dealer (Tunbridge Wells) that they only fit it to the cigarette socket.
      My question is this, should it be wired via the fuse board so that it is powered constantly?  We have had the car scratched several times & would like to be able to pick up movement near the car when parked up.
      The car is great (NX300h Luxury) but there seem to be very jealous people out there.
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      I'm not keen on car reviews really but Carwow's do have an interesting aspect of "five likes and dislikes", which are often fun and quirky. 
      If we maybe limit it to three for each model, what are ours?
      For my recently handed over 3rd generation IS, I would say...
      The boot lid is just awful; a big thing you have to slam down, often with a double dose of elbow on the way. Not premium!
      There are too many similar buttons in the centre, so you really have to look (for example to check you're clearing the windscreen rather than turning on the rear demister).
      The parking sensor on notification on the dash appears on the main display but to one side, leaving it asymmetrical and torturing anyone with even a hint of OCD...
      The turning circle is outstanding; this is a shorter car than most of its rivals and when it comes to U-turns, well, these are U-turns rather than three-point turns...
      One of the USB ports works as an ideal key holder - stick a USB stick on your house keys (and your car key in your pocket), leave them here, and you'll never lose them (and you can play music or transfer routes to your nav while you're at it).
      The change in dials in sports mode is just cool!
      Over to other owners...
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      My household is theoretically the owner of three current Lexus models until the end of the month (see signature). I thought I'd do a brief review of each on the relevant thread, essentially aimed at helping people considering. 
      This was a MY14 IS300h Lux, registered July 2013. It was in fact the first 3rd gen IS in Northern Ireland. 
      Lux trim added leather and auto sound control ("fake gears") with paddles; and this one had Premium Nav (including remote journey planner, DVD player and reverse camera with full guidelines). It lacked extras such as HUD, electric/memory seats and lane guidance. 
      Initially I really liked the interior and the materials oozed quality and stood the test of time. The seats are extraordinarily comfortable and the analogue clock adds a touch of call. The touch sensors for the climate control were good and utile.
      The dash display is fine; nothing to write home about but a few nice touches like the change to regular layout in sport mode.
      I must say, over time I came to find the central section a little bland, almost like something straight out of a Casio wris****ch. 
      Storage is ok; there is a large centre console (for the rear-wheel drive) with plenty of space. One problem is the cup holders are single size and too far back. Boot space is fine too, but the boot lid just lacked quality and really just had to be slammed down. Storage is somewhat limited in the back, however; this is compensated for by a nice arm rest.
      This is subjective of course, but I think the IS is a superb-looking car, particularly but not only from the front. 
      This is not a Lexus strong point; the nav map looks a bit old and some of the options take so,e working out - it took me weeks to work out how to turn the voice off but leave turn-by-turn instructions on the dash on.
      A major and frustrating omission is volume control. I had this on a 1998 Volvo! I know the IS is quiet, but I still found myself shuffling the volume on my music regularly at higher speed to counter the slight road noise.
      For all that, it does basically work, the DAB worked fine for the most part, and the DVD screen quality was outstanding. Also, I did like the split screens on the nav.
      Without reservation, I found this a superb car to drive, contrary to many of the UK reviews. The turning circle was staggeringly good; steering was direct; yet the ride was generally comfortable. With the modes and the paddles I found I could drive the same route two very different ways. 223bhp also moves you away swiftly when you want to - but it is all so pleasant because it is so gloriously quiet (with even wind deflectors contributing to the silence) you often don't. Really terrific, for me.
      The engine is terrific too, and the "growl" referred to in reviews is simply non-existent. But turn the ASD off; it's a gimmick!
      Not a single problem beyond the odd infotainment hitch. Tyres are repaired for free too. The car also remained in good nick inside and out - the next owner will scarcely believe it has 40k miles on it. 
      Out of interest, I tended to average around 48mpg in the summer and 45mpg in the winter (see other reviews on other threads for comparison).
      For anyone in the market for a mid-range premium family saloon, I recommend a test drive unreservedly. 
      Infotainment lets the car down a little; others are now moving well ahead. Also, the hybrid isn't quite the obvious economical option it was four years ago with plenty of outright electric now on the market. 
      However, for comfort and quality (and in my view looks), I don't think the IS can be beaten. It remains a great financial proposition particularly as a business car, and for reliability and customer service it is a clear class leader.