BRAKE, VSC, VSC Off, ABS; Speedometer not working - GS300 mk II 2002

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Hello, I have a problem with my Lexus GS300 MK II 2002. A month ago I left the light on inside of my car and the next day I could not start the engine. The Battery was already several years old and I decided to replace it with a new one. I replaced it with a new one with the same parameters. The next day while driving, the VSC VSC OFF ABS BRAKE lights. The speedometer stopped working and was blinking 0kmh while driving. I stopped the car. I restarted the engine - all right - no light is on, the speedometer is working normally.
After 30 km, again the speedometer did not work and the VSC ABS lights went on. Restart engine - everything went back to normal.
The next few dozen kilometers - the error comes back. After restart - everythink ok.
A year ago I had the same error - the Battery packs were badly twisted.
I twisted and the malfunction disappeared.
Now I checked but Battery wires is fix ok.
I connected the car several times to the TEXA and LM computer - it does not show any errors.
Does anyone have an idea of what the problem is? frown.gif
Thanks for any sugestions !!


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This is not such an uncommon problem.

A few posts on this site deal with reset procedures for this issue. Sometimes using codereaders can trip the lights.

I might disconnect the Battery again and reapply the Battery reinstall procedures that you have to do when reconnecting a Battery.

if that failed I'd try following the terminal jumping procedures as discussed on the forum. 

Sounds like a resst issue rather than a component failure to me.

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