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    • By bobmc
      I have a couple of days off work this week and I am thinking about trying to give my IS250 some shine
      It's a dark blue colour - Windsor Blue - and if I wash and dry the car it doesn't look too bad - from a distance. Up close, you can see that the paintwork hasn't had the best of care over the years with a few small scratches and lots and lots of swirl marks as well as a few bird-poo etchings
      Given I've left this until the last minute, I will need to buy any supplies locally and this means probably from Halfords. At least I will be able to make use of my discount card :)
      So, I'm thinking wash as usual but then to move on to tar and iron removal, followed by claying (I have a G3 clay mitt which I've not used yet)
      My question(s) are
      Will dragon's breath (or similar) wheel cleaners work on paintwork for iron removal?
      As I will need to mask paintwork defects - is Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine Car Polish worth the extra over Autoglym SRP? Will this mask the bird-poo etchings as well?
      Would/Should I then need to use a wax product on top? Given that Halfords has a limited range what would you recommend with ease of use probably the most important factor.
      Finally, the horizontal black trim on the doors is tarnished - what can I do about this?
      thanks for any help and advice

    • By Linas.P
      Just wanted to check if anyone has any experience or recommendations on so-called nano-coatings or polymer sealants. I am currently in process of detailing my car, to see which panels I can touch up and salvage and which ones have to be painted (potentially whole car otherwise). After leveling all the spots, wet sanding and polishing I guess it would be the best time to apply proper sealant. I am not really considering a professional application as in UK large cars (as apparently, IS250 is large) goes for astronomical money (that is £400 upwards to 4 digits), so I am planning to get some consumer grade stuff.
      Few products which most imminently comes to my head are Gtechniq range (liked their P1 compound a lot), I know there are few more across the pond where car culture is more freely expressed (like Opticoat), but they are either not available or stupidly priced here.
      So my list of interest would start with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light (seems to be closest to product for professional application available for consumers), then EXO and C1. Which brings the second question as these are similarly priced - is there any benefit of Crystal Serum over EXO or C1, or vice versa? Then there is Nanolex Si3D, but that is not the same as Nanolex Premium or Professional Sealant. Finally, CQuartz again only consumer product is up for purchase and to get your hands on Finest or Extreme "versions" you would need to become partner/distributor/professional application shop.
      Any other you have tried or could recommend? 
    • By J Henderson
      Lovely sunny weather this past weekend, so of course some detailing of the Lexus was in order.  Ideally I would've liked to have put a coat or 2 of wax on my car, but I felt it was a bit too blustery for that since, a), I don't have a garage, and b), a large tree overhangs most of my driveway. Throw in some neighbours doing various DIY projects and who knows what kind of crap would be landing on my car whilst I was working. So, instead I focused my attention on my wheels since I could remove them and safely wax them from the confines of my shed, plus I was motivated by having a bunch of new products to try out on them.

      OK, so not exactly filthy. I tend to keep my car pretty clean and the wheels have only been on my car for about 6 weeks and they were freshly-refurbed before I bought them, so no months & years worth of baked-on brake dust, sticker residue etc.

      Nevertheless, Having been seriously impressed by the quality of their Rapid Detailer spray, I splashed out on a few more of Infinity Wax's wares over the Easter weekend when they were on offer at bargain prices, and intended to use a few of them to fully decontaminate and seal my wheels with a few months worth of protection.

      Step 1 was to hit the wheels with a strong dilution of Power Maxed TFR and then thoroughly rinse a few minutes later with a pressure washer. This removed a lot of the dirt present, but not all, so this was followed by a 2BM seeing-to of bodywork shampoo, delivered by some newly-acquired Wheel Woolies (sadly this was not pictured).
      After rinsing, a liberal soaking of Incinerate Wheel Foam was then agitated with a soft detail brush to remove anything that might still be present.

      The wheels were then hit with a dose of Liquid Fire, but this step proved to be quite unnecessary as only a minute amount of contamination was still present (so, not worth picturing). Still, at least this particular bleeding fallout remover has a bearable scent compared to others I have tried (Bilt-Hamber Korrosol, I am looking at you) which smell absolutely awful.

      At this point, I was prepared to clay and polish the wheels but deemed it unnecessary so dried them off using Sonax BSD as a drying aid and applying a coat of it in the process.

      Next up, an application of high-temp wheel wax. This was really easy to apply, and remove later once dried to a haze. It's said to be good for 2 months of protection.



      Then my attention turned towards dressing the tyres...

      Rubber Wax applied to the inner-facing sidewall to see what type of finish it provides.

      Hmm, and then the outside...

      I quite like the idea of using a proper wax on the tyres instead of the usual sticky products, and this leaves a really neat and clean-looking finish but against really dark wheels I didn't think it stood out very well. I also tried it out on the radiator top hose and that came up a treat, so I can see me being a fan of Rubber Wax, just not for my tyres as I prefer a bit more of a sheen on my sidewalls.

      So, out came the Megs Endurance...

      Job done. 
    • By Farqui
      Since acquiring my GS earlier this year one issue I've been wanting to tackle is the paintwork. The paint looked a bit tired and generally needed a lift, there were some scratches on the doors/etc that I hoped could be...removed/reduced. The bonnet has it's fair share of stone chips. I wasn't looking for perfection but thought it should be spruced up to look more respectable.
      Earlier this week, the car spent 2 days at CustomCreationsUK (Notts area) where Chris/Andy got stuck in to an overall paint correction.
      The job turned into a bit of mare for poor Chris as most panels had seen some previous touch ups, blow overs or previous corrections.  But he kept at it and I was amazed when I picked up the car. The paint is now devoid of all swirls, you now have to search for the scratches and it's so, so shiny.

      Overnight the weather obliged to allow a compulsory beading shot 

      You'll find further info and a few more pic's on the CCUK FB album; https://m.facebook.com/pg/ccuk.detailing/photos/?tab=album&album_id=801931233289705
      Here's an extract of the work completed; This luxury Lexus came to us to have the paintwork looked at. After many of the body panels had been touched up or resprayed, it was starting to look a little tired. - Snow foam & wash - Full decontamination followed by claying - Wheel cleaned & decontaminated - Scholl S17 & S30 used to cut & refine the paintwork - KKD Purity X sealant applied - Definitive Wax Synthetic Edition applied - Definitive Wax QD Pro used to finish off - Exhaust tips polished.
      Their prices are very competitive, their work and customer focus is great.
      I'm well chuffed and would definitely recommend them.
      What do you think?
    • By newtolexus2017
      Hello everyone,
      This forum has been an absolute god-send so far so thanks for all the advice everyone's been putting in. I'm picking up my IS300h F-sport in F-sport white this weekend and want to start thinking about all the kit I will need to care for it properly. I've read around a bit but I'm really a complete novice when it comes to maintaining a car, so want to get your thoughts around my "master plan" for trying to keep the car in mint condition...
      Exterior :
      1. Body: Get 2 buckets and wash with soapy water using a sponge, then wipe clean with micro-fibre cloth. Every 6 months, apply generic car wax (ebay/amazon?) and buff off using micro fibre cloth. Do I even need things like Meguiar (never used anything like that before).
      2. Wheels: Again, use bucket/soapy water/sponge to clean the break dust / other dirt off the rims. Is that sufficient? 
      3. Windows: We live in a car water area so it's a bit annoying but I'm assuming nothing more than soapy water and sponge.
      1. F-sport seats: hoover and micro fibre
      2. Carpets: hoover
      3. Plastics/leather: micro fibre, and leather wipes?
      Please now rip it apart...