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    • By Linas.P
      Sadly mk1 IS now go to the stage in it's life-cycle where I keep seeing poorly maintained and abandoned examples. This particular one was sitting in the same bay for at least a year and for at least 7 month had the notice stuck on the window warning that car will be towed away.
      Sadly, it is on private land so it will stay there - in other hand if it would be public land the car would already been crushed. It is kind of anointing that there are now way to save such cars (legally).

    • By tom price esq.
      In need of parts in kensington green 6q7 :
      front bumper nearside wing nearside front door  nearside rear door I don't need the door cards, just the door with window, exterior handles and electric folding mirror for the front, plus if the bumper has the washer jets that would be great!  
      How much would I be looking at paying for all of these parts? if I could get these delivered that would be excellent!
      Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong section, a bit frantic at the moment.
    • By sannyp

      So I recently got into a little accident with my is200 manual and now need a new rear hub, and maybe other parts although unsure what yet. Question is will parts from a is200 auto suffice. So I wanted this post to outline the differences.
      I know the differential is different with a higher ratio i believe, and obviously the tranny. But is there anything else?
      I have a guy ready to sell me a bunch of parts from an auto is200, but I'm sceptical with mine being a manual
    • By pawlopc
      Hi ,
      I have some problem with my 1999 IS200. When I try to open doors using key, only driver door opens. Power door locking doesn't work. When I try to close doors using indoor switch, it doesn't work as well.  Same goes for locking it with the key fob. Only lights blinks but doors don't open or close. Opening boot with key fob works correctly.
      Has anyone any ideas ?
    • By Slucky
      would appreciate if someone could help me identify what this is. Just noticed it this morning. It’s cold here in London. I popped my bonnet of my IS 250 to check screen wash level only to notice this white residue on the bonnet catch or lock. I am going on a long journey for the Christmas break, and am now worried about it. I thought it was a coolant leak and have checked that this is not the case. So I don’t know what it is. Thanks