Check VSC (and others) set off by breaking

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07 IS250 Manual

So I have been getting the Check VSC warning for the past couple of days. When the car starts I get no warnings but at some point during my journey it will appear along with the VSC and ABS light. This always happens when I am pressing the break pedal. The car still drives exactly as it did before the warning appeared.

I have have checked the fault codes through the OBD2 and there is nothing logged. About a year ago I had an 02 sensor go and the logging worked as expected and was able to tell me what was wrong.

So does anyone know What could be causing this kind of 'Check VSC' warning during breaking but not logging anything?


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Reverse up against a wall ( if you have no friends to help!) and check brake light lamps ( X3) are working.

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1 hour ago, cunning_alias said:

Just incase anyone finds this who has the same issue. It appears to be a dead 'break light switch'. 

Was it actually the switch failed ( therefore NO brake lights would work) or will this warning come up if you had only One lamp that has failed?

paul m.

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Sorry, 'dead' probably wasn't the best word to use. 'failing break light switch' is probably a better description.

Checking the break lights was the first thing I tested when I made the connection between the error and the breaks. No problems at all. 

While I could get no error codes from the OBD2, my mechanic with better equipment was able to get 2 errors from the logs, one of which was the break light switch.

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    • By Rusty Crobar
      My dash lit up like a Christmas tree yesterday while on the motorway. Traction control was disabled, check VSC & CEL were on and I was understandably worried! 
      There is a lot of info from lexus owners about the vsc light but nothing relating to the isf. Apparently it covers a range of issues from loose fuel cap to broken ecu's 😯. It seems like most issues aren't actually related to the engine or the traction control system!
      Got the car to my friendly mechanic for a diagnostic and it turns out it's the oxygen sensors for the cats. There was no voltage going to either of them so he suspects it's a broken wire rather than the sensors themselves. Going back on Wednesday to get it fixed. 
      Not really a suprise as the bottom of the car was rubbing on the track so much 😳
      This is purely down to how low and soft my coilovers are,  shouldn't put anyone else of track days 🖒
    • By Jamalaya
      Hi all,
      I have the VSC check light on.
      My is IS220d. I have been driving with this light on for 2 years now. The car did so far 130K on the clock. I have no loss of power whatsoever. I do a trip Swindon-Cambridge twice a week every week. I can easily do 44 MPG at 70+ mph on sixth gear. So Power wise no problem there.
      But this light is getting on my nerve now.
      I took it to Lexus dealer and they claimed that cat converter has gone and wanted £2500 to fix even though I told them what I said above.
      Any ideas how to fix this? or what else can be causing this light to come on?
    • By chaz87
      I've recently had the "Check VSC" come up on my display. It happened a little while ago so took it to Lexus and they said something to do with the oil sump solenoid, but also found a loose connection. At one point though of having this fault I had a tyre changed and the warning sign went off but came back after a few mile. anyone able to help? feel they might be trying it on.
    • By Dan C
      Hi All,

      I've recently bought my third Lexus - an IS220d sport after owning and loving a few IS200 sports (bullet proof) and since i've owned the car around a week or so, i've had the 'Check VSC, Warning Triangle and the ECU' light give me grief and forcing the car into Limp mode...

      Having dealt with it by resetting the codes via Battery discount and after multiple google searches, checked the fuel cap and all that jazz - I bought myself a code reader.

      I was actually excited for it to come on so I could get the fault code... and just my luck it did.

      Anyways - i diagnosed it and i got the error code p2002: DPF below threshold bank...

      This wouldn't bother me so much, as it would be an obvious fix - sort out the DPF. However, according to service history with the car it has been deleted and DPF emulated from a previous owner.

      My question is - why am i getting the DPF error code if it has been deleted and emulated?

      * Emulator broken/shoddy job?

      * Exhaust blocked?

      * EGR needs some love?

      * Boost leak?

      * Other?

      Anyone got any advice/experience on this issue? It'd be greatly appreciated! I cant deal with this limp mode every 100 miles or so... its annoying!

      Many thanks,


    • By Fayaz
      I desperately need some urgent help please.
      My car has gone into limp home mode with the check VSC light on and the engine management light on too. The car was recovered to a local garage this morning and they have just called me back around an hour or so ago and told me that the following fault code is stored in the ECU;
      P2002 - diesel particulate filter efficiency below threshold bank1
      They have quoted me near enough 2 grand for the repair and I have been searching online and everyone I call is giving me different advice on what they will do for me but it all seems like i'm going round in circles.
      I just want to take the car to someone that will fix the problem without ripping me off, Is that too much to ask for?
      Can someone kindly point me in the right direction please. Hopefully someone that has had the problem cured first hand!