Ian J. Parsley

Premium Nav "Vehicle Verification"

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Under the new "MyLexus" connected services system (which replaces the "portal"), you are required to "verify" your vehicle. 

To do this you need the vehicle registration date and the first part of a code, format LLLnnL (e.g. ABC45F). 

These are in your logbook, but you have a problem if you lease because the logbook remains with the lease company (whether it be Lexus FS or anyone else). 

However, I found purely by accident yesterday that the code is in fact displayed on the inside of the passenger door (opposite where the tyre pressures are displayed on the other side). 

You should also have the vehicle registration date on your initial lease documentation, or your dealer will have it. 

Thought I would post this as it means those leasing with Premium Nav do not, in fact, have to chase the logbook. 

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