WANTED - IS200 Bonnet Stay

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Hello, this may well be a long shot but having tried and exhausted other avenues I thought here might be worth a try!

I am in need of a bonnet stay (the metal bar that holds up the bonnet when it's open) for my IS200.

A few breakers say it's too thin and awkward to post on it's own (even in a cardboard tube?) but they will happily send it if I buy the whole bonnet!

If anyone has one knocking around I would be very grateful.

Thanks, Ade.

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The person to contact is Ricky Smith who breaks IS200 's all the time, sent me a suspension part, Lexus new £225, him secondhand £25 including postage and would have fitted for free, if I could visit his garage in Birmingham!

Top man!

Call 07866 104 047



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