I know, I know, don't buy a v6 petrol behemoth if mpg bothers you, I'm just looking for some advice from owners who may do the same kind of miles I do. Some weeks I cover almost 1000 miles, I am self employed so utilise the pence per mile approach to tax returns, and whilst a more economical car means more money in my bank, I spend a lot of time IN my car and do love a Lexus. So, my commute is Dundee to Aberdeen return four days a week or Dundee to Edinburgh return four days a week, each of these once a month. I commute Dundee to Perth four nights a week week in week out. So, essentially ninety percent dual carriageway top gear cruise. I am a very steady driver, fifty to fifty five mph on cruise most of the time, rarely above sixty. I know, boring auld git. Anyhow, I know town mpg in an old rx would be ruinous, but with the driving style and mileage I do, would low thirties be achievable as that Is my breaking point?    Would love a hybrid but still to rich for my meagre pockets. I ran an ls400 for several months and averaged 26-28mpg with 33mpg on longer runs, so quite light footed.