is200 wing mirror nightmares! 😖😖�

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Hello there all you lovely lexus people! Hoping someone on here with some know how would be able to point me in the right direction and save me a few quid on the way! 😊 


Ok so here goes, i have a 99 reg is200 that i have had for years, its off road so ive been slowly doing it up to get it back on the road and it seems like one thing after another with this thing! 😭

The passanger Wing mirror and casing has been Smashed, so finally after searching online i found a replacement in the same colour. Came to fit it and hey presto! The connectors were different 😥😥😥😥. 

I have now read on here that there is a different wing mirror assembly fitted To models after 2001 so i have obviously bought The wrong one! 

So my question is this - is this new mirror useless to me now or is there a way of wiring it in so that it works as normal? 

If i managed to get it wired in, is There a Way To ensure the heater is on all the time like The other one, rather than when the demister is on? 

I could use The connector plug  for The old wire or could solder it but There would still be two wires left over :-( 

If all else fails and i need To buy a new unit, would it be possible to buy any colour unit And just swap the coloured casing at the back, or is This likely To be difficult? I Ask Because it seems to Be Really difficult to find An old Style unit, and an old Style unit in grey seems like searching for A needle in A haystack! 


Any help or Thoughts Would be Appreciated, as lexus have quoted 400 odd for A new unit and il Be Dammed if im going To pay That! 😨😨


Many thanks




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Hi Mate,

The wing mirror wont be useless, this is just going to be very time consuming. Remove the existing mirror from the car (3 bolts under the tweeter) unplug the connector and remove from car.

Now the fun starts, you need to GENTLY prise the glass from the mirror, now I cant remember if it is top or bottom of the glass first that you have to prise it from, you the glass will pop out of the casing. Remove the wire to the demisting glass and remove the glass. Now you need to remove all screws that hold in the motor and remove the motor.

Do the same to the new mirror and transfer from old mirror to new mirror, and put all back together, It is a pain, but unless you send the mirror back (if bought brand new) and order one for the year of your car (which is personally what I would do) then that is your only choice.

I have done it before when I bought another mirror for my IS, but this was over 2 years ago now. I couldn't tell you every step.


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Hi dean, thanks for the advice! 😊 

Yes i did wonder if i could do this myself, i tried it but made a hash of it! 😂.  The glass and the black surround on the old unit had been hit with some force by someone  and has cracked, i managed to get it off but couldnt get The three bolts off of The bottom of The unit and ended up Drilling Them out lol. Whn I eventually did get the motor unit out, i couldnt get The wire to Come Away from The casing as The plug Was To big To Go Through, so had to cut the plug off! 😂

So i now have The old motor unit Which i could try To fit into The new unit but id still have to wire it back To The old plug or solder it, depends how much of a pain in the arse thats going to be though haha 😂 




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