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3 hours ago, johnatg said:

Ken is absolutely correct!

Here you go:




'TWC' means 'Three Way Catalyst'

I don't think £1700 even includes the manifolds/front cats, does it?

There are 4 pieces in total....two front sections, left and right, one middle section and the rear section.  Four cats in total and three boxes.  Total price for a replacement would be £3k+.   I know as my exhaust holed in front of the middle section box.  Looking at the exhaust on a ramp it had been patched up a good times so I decided to replace.  Thankfully the warranty that I had, 3 months, was going to cover it.  The Lexus guys and the garage were of the same parent company - Arnold Clarks.  The Lexus dealer did a full costing - £3150 that included everything.  I got them to pay for a full stainless steel cat back system as it came with a lifetime guarantee and sounds better and as a lot cheaper for them!

I still have a second hand centre section as I bought that thinking that it would be a fall back if the selling garage didn't play ball but thankfully they did.





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The centre pipe split had been causing me problems for the last year (yes an OEM repair is £3-4k and no even with a lifetime cover). I was flux repaired a few times (£50 in total). I explored whole quiet "OEM" sounding SS replacements - quotes were between £650-£1500. However Longlife Birmingham reckoned the rest of system was unless I wanted a full system a partial replacement would suffice, the owner is also a petrolhead, extremley knowledge and highly recommended on the Korean car clubs.

The corrodded sections have been cut out and replaced for £150 with a lifetime warranty.

Here are some pictures prior to the repair.


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