Quite glad I've sold my lexus now

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On 26/08/2017 at 1:02 PM, Chris Skelton said:

I'd heard of mid-life crisis, but hadn't realised it meant going back THAT far.

Best left as memories?

No definitely not, but no you wouldn't want to ride a BMX from that era, some are now very collectable and it's a nice hobby.  John if your reading, be warned though it's addictive and can help you spend your cash.  If you haven't already check out the RADBMX site. However I'm 48 and still ride them, all be it the 24".  It's a lot of fun, keeps you fit and my  kids love it.  (or so they tell me)  Sold the Avi by the way.  

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Cheers nickd. 

If I do it I'll probably get one a year. Trouble is I really haven't a clue so could easily get stitched up

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