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Not had a Lexus for a couple of years so after deciding I was putting too many miles on my 911 I've just purchased a mint one owner 2008 GS300 to use as my daily and just use the 911 on dry weekends.

This will be my 12th Lexus so far and not had any problems with any of them even though they were all covered by a Lexus warranty. My question is that at 9 years old can I still get the 2 years for 1 warranty? I didn't purchase it from a Lexus main dealer but it has a full Lexus Stockport stamped service book. I'm going down to see Gino at Lexus Stockport this week but wanted a heads up first at what might be available.

The dealer was going to get his local garage to do the service and stamp as it is due but I told him I wanted a full Lexus stamped book and he took off another £120 off the price that it would of cost him (which I'm glad about as I'm sure some dealers just stamp without actually doing a service). So I'm going to book in at Lexus Stockport and pay for the service myself.

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Yep, as long as the car is less than 10 years old and has less than 140k miles on it at the start of the warranty period then it should be ok.

Depending on the dealer they sometimes ask for it to go through a visual safety check first, but since you are getting yours serviced that will be taken care of either way.

The details of the warranty are here:

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