New (old) GS300 - thoughts on a couple of niggles?

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Evening everyone! Now summer is fading into our memories and rainy days ensue I thought I'd bring my questions here to give us something to do!


Didn't even mean to rhyme that. Anyway, picked up my 2nd GS300 yesterday. It's a November 2000 model. Very clean inside and out. My CLK failed the mot and I just wasn't feeling it, it was okay, but I prefer the Lexus. So out with the Merc and in with the GS300 :)


I've posted about the speed wobbles in the suspension section. But not sure where these would go at the moment.

Firstly as seen in the picture, the bonnet is bent? I history checked for accidents and it's clear and I can't see any indication of a shunt or major impact to that area. The inner and outer wings are original and washer bottle and all that haven't shifted. I reckon that the bonnet release cable stretched as they do, and someone tried jimmying the bonnet open because the crossmember over the passenger side headlight has marks on it and it's bent down a couple of cms. I can bend the crossmember back no worries but how can I get the bonnet back to sitting flush again?


Secondly, it's the navigation model. I'm sure the map dvd is original so I want to update it. I can't get the DVD to eject though - am insight in thinking Lexus have a trick to this? Also does any Lexus map dvd for that system work or does it have to be very model and year specific?

(I also read the DVD drive can be used as a player to the nav screen? But that's another topic)


Thirdly, am insight in thinking this is the later revised gs300 as it has clear lights and navigation (not ML sadly, just premium) and I'm assuming by Wikipedia the 220ish hp output?


Many thanks for any thoughts! Keep warm and stay safe :)


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My first move with the bonnet would be to wind the buffer stops right in on the high side or out on the low side to see if you can level it.

The nav system does have an update disc available but it only takes it up to 2009 and seems to be a different price at different dealers with the cheapest I've found being £150. I have no idea if it plays dvds although I can't imagine it does as surely it would be easier to change a disc.

Third, all Mk2s look like yours and navigation was an option on low levels and standard on higher levels. ML sound system was an option all round.

220hp is correct 

Hope that helps


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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. An update on all the above after a play today...in the rain....booooo....

Apart from the small update to the above things, I've added a chunk of helpful info to those with the same model GS300 as myself. Those elusive hidden menus, climate control diagnostics, and some other things.



Is bent or wing and light dropped? But I spun the bonnet stops all ways but the result is the same gap on that side. Push down on that side and the gap closes and I hear the latch meet the bottom of the catch (needing that bit of movement lest the bonnet release get jammed). I need to get another cross member piece (slam panel or whatever) as I don't think I can safely tap the current one back into shape, its too tough. In any case, looking at the picture, imagine pressing down on the bonnet on that gapped side, the bonnet goes down and the gap closes, but let go and it sets back to that gapped position on that side. Other side remains fine.


I've taken all details of the SatNav and gone on the hunt for an update disc but I believe mine is even tougher than the majority to acquire elsewhere to Lexus Map Updates at £150 odd. My Disc code is 08664-50860 / 86271-70V290, and the System code (label on the back of the drive) 86841-47030, and E1 after the barcode. Which according to LMU's site, I need a PZ445-L00EU-9. And from what I can deject, the actual system is a TNS300 or TNS310 also sued at some point in the RX models.

PZ445 no idea, but L00 is Lexus Generation 00 system, EU (yep, region) and 2008-09. I see a good many dvd's on ebay, but none remotely close to 70V290 disc code or L00 system code. I read they only made that system version from July 2000 to July 2001. So at the moment, its either hope someone finds one and sells it to me, or I fork out a lot of money for LMU disc which at that cost for an already outdated map, I might be better going the third party route.


On other things, I found a lot of people were having issues with some of the lesser known tricks for GS300 Mk2's like mine, so here are my findings for future googlers.

1. DVD eject. E-brake/Handbrake ON. Key turned to first position. Go to the boot/trunk, lift carpet flap on right and see drive. Undo two obvious screws on each side holding it down. Now carefully lift at the front of the unit to angle it (it remains attached so don't go ape on it thinking its now meant to come out completely - there's no need). See the eject button and the fact it has a gap next to the button (this ones eluded a few it seems) you simply...press and hold the eject button and slide said button over the only way it can go. Out pops disc. ...and insert new or reinsert old disc and slide eject button back over etc.

2. Steering column reach - get half an inch more (oh la la). bring it to its maximum reach then flick the stick 8 times towards you and it moves another little bit. That's all you get and it doesn't retain that extended position in memory. I would hazard a guess its for improving access to something when working on or around the steering column.

3. So called hidden menu on the Generation 00 system. Ignition on, bring the system to the map or audio screen, hold the INFO button and with the headlight switch already set to OFF (all the way down) flick it up to the parking light setting 4 times (if that doesn't work, try 5 times as I forget if it was 3 or 5 sorry), no need to rush it and you'll hear the relay for the lights click, just one, two, three, four and if your system is the same, you'll get the menu with service, display and vehicle (I think) come up. Not a great deal to play with as you'd get on later models, but it will show error codes for certain things, the option to clear them (press and hold the CLEAR box/icon on the bottom right and hear a beep and see the codes vanish.

4. Climate control diagnostics. Ignition on (or start engine) and press and hold the AUTO and Recirculation/auto/fresh air button together for a few seconds - the lights will now flash 4 times then (on the screen) you'll see in the top right corner under drivers side temperature either 00 (I assume no faults) or a code if there is a fault - press the temp button (physical button above) to move to the next possible fault code.

5. Removing the cabin filter. Again this one seems to have eluded some, so here's my findings. Best leaning in from the passenger side door, not reaching over the arm rest. Open the glove box, see the back of the Glovebox tray a piece of plastic obviously clipped in and simple to pop out, do so,  and see behind it set rather far back (not directly under the CD changer as some might have thought) you can see another plastic panel, don't be afraid, just reach in with your fingers and pop that out. Alas behind it is the filter with UP written either side. It has a tab in the middle to pull it from however I found I needed both hands (and some skin loss) to pinch the tab with finger and thumb of both hands to get enough grip and strength to extract it. Inspect it, see crap in it unless its new, maybe find a reason for bad smells that isn't your wife, children of thy self.

6. On UK models, see on the passenger side windscreen wiper arm the letter A? If you apply pressure under that arm, it will move the blades up the screen a few inches. This I assume is how you change blades more easily and give yourself access to the wiper blades in frosty/icy weather by placing something under them, or pulling them out over night so they're not stuck to the screen in the morning.

7. Last thought, one day, pull up the boot carpet panel and remove the plastic tray over the spare wheel and inspect the two beams on either side (between jack and wheel well on the left, DVD drive and wheel well on the right) and see if any of the useless round black stickers have either misshaped or fallen off. Because if they have, you'll likely see signs of water or crap coming from them and into the usual spots for rust on GS300's back ends. (My last GS300 had a 4 inch hole near the jack - my now GS300 thankfully is rust free, however I found a small amount of crap and a dribble of old water on the right side under the DVD player as the sticker had come off and water got in).

Hope something of that helps others with the same model GS300 as all the above info is what I had to piece together from other forums for other models and about 2 hours of fiddling :)





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Nice work Tim, I have the same model just a few months older.

I do have the 2009 DVD in mine....I think...I did look for updates when i bought it and found the same issue as you!

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Just an update to this old post for future archives etc. Though I have not yet acquired it you definitely need a white disc with the system updates in order to use later maps, and of course the white disc is a dealer only kind of thing or Lexus-Map-updates who confirmed this theory.


Thanks again everyone who replied and sorry to resurrect an old post, but I don't like seeing unresolved threads when googling :)

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