Vsc errror please help

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Hi, I do not really have any idea about cars at all, upon starting my car this evening (lexus is220d ) 2007 I got the vsc error and turned on the engine and Tc lights. Would this be from a filter problem, I have had no problems before. It is due for a service in 2k (currently 80k) 

would you recommend to call the road side assistance and ask them to define the fault or to take it to a garage or a dealership and ask them to asses


any help is much appreciated 

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Hi Stephen and welcome to the LOC UK.

To accurately diagnose the fault you really need the fault codes read, Lexus vehicles can be a little picky with aftermarket code readers and Lexus will charge around £60.00 I think to do it.

A very common cause apparently is a clogged up EGR valve which can be cleaned on a DIY basic ( this is not done routinely as part of a service). It may be worth doing this to see if it sorts out the fault.

Have a read here

Type in "Lexus IS220d EGR cleaning" into google and look for the video tutorials.

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