Anthony Gellard

Lexus gs 300 2005

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Hello i have had problems with my Lexus gs 300 sel  70000 miles on clock. I can only get 1st 2nd and 3rd gear will not shift into 4/5/and 6th. Have had solenoids changed , wiring loom and now clutch in gearbox. Been told that Lexus only used this type of gearbox for 18 months then changed it to different model. Still cannot get gears. Lexus want nearly £5000 for replacement wont even look at gearbox. Love the car but very frustrated as even transmission people who have it are finding getting any information of Lexus is difficult. Can anyone help. Anthony

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Hi why don't you get the gearbox reconditioned? Or have you tried replacing the gearbox oil? Really that shouldn't be happening. Do you by any chance move the automatic gear stick sometimes while the car is moving? I have heard some people do this to other automatic cars and that can cause an issue.

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According to the data I have the transmission should be an Aisin A760E used in many Lexus and Toyota models, there are variants for all wheel drive and front wheel drive vehicles.

There are 10 solenoid fitted for both shift and pressure, has the specialist replaced them all.

There are complete overhaul kits available including the valve body.

I would be looking at obtaining a complete replacement secondhand transmission of the same type or as Messi suggests purchase a reconditioned unit instead of continuing the costly route of replacing parts in the existing one, I am in no way an expert on auto transmissions but suprised the clutch band has been replaced for a shift fault.

The link below shows the various types of Aisin transmissions and their applications.

Try this ebay seller for a replacement, he seems to have a good reputation and can probably find a transmission for you, the A761E transmissions he has for sale from LS430s have exactly the same gear ratios but check to confirm fitting obviously.

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Messi and Steve thank you for replying to my message.Lexus changed the oil twice. I only realised when i bought the car there was a problem when on the motorway, as in London you can barely get up to 30mph. Suffolk Transmission have it at the moment they have had it for 7 weeks, yes 7 weeks. I have looked at the one on ebay and will probably contact him as didnt have a clue where to find the information you gave out. Hopefully he can fit it aswell. As to nice a car to get rid of. 

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