2006 Lexus is220d not starting after injector change

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Hi I need some help basically this all started when I got the check VSC light come on put it on diagnostics and code for large leak detected came up the car was starting really slow have to keep the engine cranking for at least 20 seconds to start up in the mornings.

basically I was advised to check injectors so I took all 4 injectors out and sent them off for bench testing where 2 can back as faulty meaning the car was only running on 2 injectors which explains the sluggish start.

while I had the injectors off took the fuel rail and the egr valve off to give them a clean, so I got 2 injectors from the breakers second hand at £200 a piece considering 2 new ones would set me back £1400 nearly what the cars worth lol.

put injectors in fuel back on egr back on and the cars not starting at all it’s turning it’s trying to start but it’s like fuels not there.

i loosened the nut on the injectors fuel line incase there was an air lock and cranked it over fuel seems to me comeing through fine primed the system and still not starting.

so I pulled the injectors out and disconnected the return line and just attach the fuel line to check the injectors while there outside the engine and the first one seems to be spitting diesel but the second one doesn’t do anything at all.

tried the same with 3 & 4,  4 seems to be spitting 3 doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all 

Tried switching them over none of them work am I doing something wrong or have I missed something out and advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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Welcome Zabz,

This is slightly confusing.  You say that you got 2 injectors from a breakers, but are you sure they were working before you fitted them?

Also, when you tested them outside the engine, which ones are spitting and which ones are doing nothing at all?

Lastly, did you code the injectors to the car when you got them?

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Hi Shahpor thank you for the reply yes I got 2 injectors from the breakers but I didn’t get them bench tested before fitting.

I tested them by fitting them on the car by connecting just the fuel line in and left the return off from the front of the car number 1 is spiting number 2 nothing just gushing out the return hole number 3 nothing number 4 is spitting.

but if I swap number 1&2 and swap number 3&4 none of them work at all.

1&2 are the replacements ones from the breakers and 3&4 are the originals that were in the car.

i even tried putting the original ones back in and still won’t start so I’m lost.

no i haven’t coded the injectors I spoke to many breakers and few mechanics who have said that they don’t need to be coded it should still start without being coded.

so this is where I’m completely lost as to what the problem could be, my last resort is to get another injector and try again but it was running on two previously considering 2 failed bench testing which would mean it was running on 2 before and use to start after 20 seconds of cranking. 

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Probably better to take your original 4 injectors to a Denso specialist and get them rebuilt .

Refit with new seals and new fuel filter. Everything needs to be connected up correctly for it to start.

Second hand Injectors are a total waist of time and money IMO.

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