GS300 Rollcenter adjusters on IS200?

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Weird question, I know.

So I wanna get roll center adjusters for the IS200, but I want to get some nego camber in the process. There are rollcenters adjusters for the GS300 which essentially do exactly what I want. (Image)
It states however that it's specifically designed for GS300, but honestly I can't see much difference between the GS300 and IS200 knuckles. There is a risk of course that the holes are spaced differently. I don't expect anyone to know this but I'm just throwing this out there just in case! Cheers

Essentially what I'm asking is: Is the GS300 front lower balljoint / steering knuckle interchangeable with is200/300?

Alternatively, anyone know of a reasonably priced (under 150 pounds) RCA with camber increase?

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Alright I found some parts diagrams. Looks like the spindle and lower balljoint/knuckle is in fact the same on IS200 and GS300

43211/43212 for the spindles and 43330K/43340A for the balljoints/knuckles.

I might make myself the lab rat for this lol

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