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Hey. Im getting annoyed now by the lack of fm signal my car gets now... especially now i have a dashcam installed. And was wondering if its possible to fit a boosted aerial into a boot or roof spoiler to replace the standard rear window nonsense. I dont want to fit a shark fin to my car either.


Many thanks, jamie

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      Part II of Stealth Mode..
      Black Pearl Front and Rear Badges and OEM Lexus Rear Spoiler..
      Thats it.. Skint now... :(

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      Hello again.
      In the fall of 2016 I bought a new toy. This time again the Japanese ( Celica GT-four , Venza and Previa still in my small garage ) . Nothing special. But ... I have a far-reaching plans. :)
      1st step . WALD KIT
      I found the original on the manufacturer's website. The cost of delivery and customs about GBP 2200+ 
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      This is my first post on here. I became a Lexus owner over the weekend. Wow, that's all there is to say really.
      It's a GS300 in 53 plate, 77,000 miles. Paid £3000 for it and I'm made up. I giggle everywhere I drive my Lexus is simply the bee's patellas.
      Got some questions I would like to ask if that is ok. If I have to post them individually so say and I will.
      1. Normally the mileage for a timing belt needing changing for most cars is roughly 60,000 -70,000 miles. The Lexus book my car came with says 100,000 miles would this be correct?
      2. My aerial is stuck up but I can hear the motor working. Should I be looking to fix it rather than replace it? (Been told sometimes they just need greasing)
      3. Is there much point in buying an update for the Sat Nav maps? (Already have a new Tom Tom which can work by post code which the Lexus navigation seems to not which given its age is not surprising at all)
      4. The front headlamps seam quite cloudy, not sure if this is inside or out or both, is there any way of removing this?
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      Hi:) mats from Norway here. Sorry for my poor english, but I hope you understand:)
      I am looking for a original antenna for my IS200. I have searched the web for it, inc ebay etc but cant seem to find a original OEM antenna for my IS, only aftermarket ones. So i got a tip from a friend about this page/forum, and he advised me to try here:)
      On the IS there are two mount holes on the roof witch need 2 skrews and two nuts on the inside, but the antennas ive found only have 1.
      If anyone could help me finding one I would be very thankful)
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      Hi guys,
      I want to buy an exhaust system, few styling upgrades, wheels and lowering springs.
      Can anyone advise whats good/nice and where to buy from?
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