Plug and play standalone ecu option

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Would anyone be interested in a standalone ECU plug and play option for the 1G-FE engine for a Supercharger / Turbocharger install?

I am looking at having a bunch manufactured to work along side the standard ECU to run the engine alone while the standard ecu runs the rest of the car. These wont be like a piggy back as they will run the whole engine and will be able to have maps changed and options for bigger injectors etc. I plan to set up a basic running map for the basic engine setup which will mean no taking it to get tuned and no messing about trying to learn how to wire it in on your own etc. Just simply plug it and and drive away. Although getting a small retune might be worth while.

We are working on a prototype which i will be using with my drift is200 and i plan to copy the same thing i did with my 1jz is200. My brother works with computers and builds circuits and has done this sort of thing before for other clients. But to get these manufactured in bulk i need enough interest to be able to sell them on to get our money back and make it worth our while. How much would you pay for this option?



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