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3sge Beams Blacktop info

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Hi guys, i am new here and i just had couple questions on the Black top Beams engine.

1) Can the head studs and all ARP products for the 3sgte work with this engine?

2) Does any one happen to have the lobe centers of the Beams engine? I am currently looking to get some cams made up for them and need this info as i do not have the engine to hand yet.

3) Does any one have the free standing height of the valve springs and the coil bind height?

4) Can valve train components be carried over from the last spec 3SGTE to the Beams ?

5) Who makes turbo exhaust manifolds and intake manifolds for this engine?

6) What bottom end parts from the older 3SGTE can be carried over to this engine?


Thank you in advance for any of the help you guys can give me.



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