Lexus is220d sluggish or slow start

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Hi Memebers,

I have an issue with my lexus is220d every time I have to start the car it cranks alot before powering up, I have recently replaced the Battery which is 830amp as recommended by AA would fix the issue, after few days the starter motor failed and had to replace it, even after the change of starter motor the car still has the issue of slow crank/sluggish start. Can anyone suggest what could be the issue ? As I have taken it to many garages and no one could give me an accurate issue. Can anyone suggest me a better local garage would be really helpful.


Thanks in advance. 

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Welcome Hamid,

This is an odd one.

Does it turn over slowly, or does it have trouble starting?

After replacing the Battery and starter motor, there isn't much left that can cause it to turn over slowly.

Perhaps a quick video to illustrate the problem?

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