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Just an update to my first post:

I collected the 2008 GS450h last Friday.

I've done about 200 miles in it and up to now, I'm relatively pleased.

MPG history display shows many bars above 40mpg, but average seems to be settling at ~ 35mpg. I'm not worried (yet) as I suppose I'll get better at eking out the last mpg (Hmmm, given the performance, maybe not!).

This being my first drive in a hybrid, I'm not sure whether the "oddities" are just typical of how a CVT / Hybrid drives.

There is a "smell" to the car which I suppose is to be expected given its age, but after reading the threads on here about detailing a 450h, I shall set about bottoming it - just as soon as it stops p*ssing down. I shall also try to remember to take some before / during / after photos. I think at least /some/ of the smell emanates from the "rubber" boot tray, which , although branded "Lexus", smell just like the cheap plastic crap you get from China.

There are a few features which I have on my LS400 which I'd read about and assumed were standard on GS's which aren't in fact present on mine - sunroof, powered seat-belt adjustment, rear seat heat, rear armrest storage, under-seat storage box, and some which I'd hoped were there in addition: seat cooling front and rear,  smart-phone integration.

In the meantime, a question for GS nnnh owners: How often do you manage to get a full stack of green bars on the display - and is it necessarily desirable to get to that state?

Finally, many thanks to all the contributors on here - one example of how you've helped is the thread on the failing hybrid pump - the description of the transition between gear regimes had me worried when I first went through the 50 - 70 mph stage under power and noticed a sub-1-second hesitation. However, I have since done 50-70 under /FULL/ power, and no hesitation. I'm hoping I have just  succeeded in its first "Italian Tuneup"!

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Congratulations on your purchase,regarding your lack of sunroof Lexus decided this would become an option after about 2006.

I don't think rear heated seats were ever an option on the GS.


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Well done and enjoy getting familiar with your new to you steed.

The Battery meter can be topped out braking lightly down a long steep hill or too. I get a full Battery shown when over in Yorkshire or Derbyshire but rarely around here. When showing a full charge my car has a good bit more oomph off the line and runs for longer on Battery.

My line stays on Battery power longer if you have it set on Normal. Sport or PWR will rarely see Battery only motion.

Also keep in mind that the Battery meter isnt a true representation of the actual Battery bank, it shows something like 40 to 80% actual Battery charge. In reality you don't need to worry about it.

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