Dashcam recommend - RX450h

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I've searched the old posts and need something a bit up to date. Previously had a Nextbase 512 in the IS250 I had, which was utterly useless, froze all the time and flattened the Battery.

I'm looking for a reliable camera, that can be hardwired into the RX. Must be a good basic camera most importantly - I saw two traffic accidents today in the space of 30 minutes. That was only driving to the tip and back! Also I need a good parking mode, one where the camera goes into it automatically.

Been recommended the Thinkware F100 pack as a front and rear system, parking mode has options to record via motion/G sensor or in 1 sec TimeLapse for 3-4 hours, which sounds quite good and should protect against a lot of carpark damage. Has anyone any experience of these?


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I have the below mentioned dash cams in three of our family cars, I have one in the front and rear of my own car.  

I have had them for over 3 years and they do the job just fine.  They are so small, you can leave them in the car all the time.  Mine are hard wired in, so they power on and off with the ignition.  Simply fit and forget them.

It all depends on your budget and what options you want included, wifi for example.  Size ? Some are so large, you have no choice but to disconnect them EVERY time you leave the car !!

Do not disregard the cheaper Chinese dash cams that are out there, as some are pretty good for the price.


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Should have also mentioned, that I have read in various other places on line, that some dash cams interfere with some factory fitted sat nav and DAB radio reception.

I've never had any issues myself and I actually have had a aftermarket DAB radio booster fitted to the side of my windscreen.

Nextbase devices where mentioned !!

With most cars now having factory Sat nav and DAB, one would think that the dash cam manufacturers would take this into consideration in their R&D department.

Could be absolutely nothing, just thought I'd share !!

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