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Is this something that we should be worried about ...?

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10 hours ago, rayaans said:

I believe @wendle over on the LC500 section found a key pouch costing less than £4 each which blocked the signal. He said it wouldn't open the car even when stood next to it. 

Faraday signal blocking pouch something or other I think it was called

just bought some from amazon, 2 for £12

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On 11/29/2017 at 8:53 AM, wendle said:

Firstly I would like to say that I don't no the person or have anything to do with the company selling this product

i don't, no do any of my friends or family make this product

I just thought I would let you all no of a cheep product that would help keep you pride and joy safer.

after reading on this form about potential theft of our loved Lexus cars, and how they can now use a detector from out side your house and scan for your keys anywhere in your house  I decided do give this product a go, and can say that it works perfectly, once the keys were in the pouch I stood next to the car and the boot and doors would not open, I took the keys out of the pouch, got in the car, put the keys back in the pouch and the car would not start, ( a message saying " Keys not detected ).

I brought 2 of this , one for my spare set of keys and one for my general use keys.

At less then £3 each I think it was a very good buy.



Nor do I have any association with these people, but the one I ordered arrived today and works perfectly. Only enough room for one set of keys (especially with all the gubbins that my wife has on her keyring), so I shall happily order another.

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Given that my JDM LS400 is now 23 years old and therefore "old hat" technology compared with today's it has one useful function on the remote door opening....a physical on-off switch so you can disable the remote key fob operation so even if thieves have the required scanning technology, find the correct code the car will remain locked as the system is switched off.

There must be a reason why they provided this function, perhaps the Lexus crystal ball revealed all about the future.

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