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The car has been in Lexus for a week now to replace the aircon pump. I take it doesn't happen that often as the parts were not readily available.

Story started last Saturday on the way to the Lake District. Heard a loud screeching  noise on the motorway so slowed down, then all went quiet so carried on. Next thing 'check aircon system' warning message came up so I turned the aircon off from the menu and carried on thinking I'll look into that when we return back home. Then another message came up 'check Battery charging'. Then I knew it was the belt. So pulled over and saw the belt had snapped, then rang the Lexus Assistance. AA turned up 1.5 hours later in a van and said he won't repair as something has caused the belt to break and could go again in the middle of the Lakes. Car was too heavy for him to tow so ordered a flatbed. 1.5 hours later truck arrived and too late to take to dealer so took us home. Another 1.5 hours to get home then jumped into the wifes RAV and drove back up to the Lakes. Missed our evening meal but had a fab weekend. Then Monday afternoon rang for assistance again to get car transported to dealer and collected hire car from Enterprise (a brand new top of the range Toyota Landcruiser). Lexus phoned Tuesday to say the pump had seized and should be ready by the end of the week. Then very luckily Enterprise rang on Thursday to say that the 3 day hire provided by the AA was finished and I'd be paying for the car myself from now on! Quick call to Lexus and they confirmed that it was true and I could redeem the cost back afterwards from the Lexus Warranty. Just before Christmas I didn't want to be paying out so rang Enterprise back and said how much is it costing me. £86 a day! If I had not gone into what was happening I would of had to pay them £522 if the car was ready today. So the car was immediately returned saving that payout.

Anyway car hopefully ready at 11.00 today. Glad I took out the warranty but it's still a huge hassle and possible expense when you have a breakdown.


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9 minutes ago, Jamesf1 said:

What was the landcruiser like?


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